Italia Fiorella is a well-known artisan company that combines the ancient art of the Stefanese masters in ceramics with creativity and research on shapes and colours.

The company, established in 1998, was born from the sensibility of young Italia Fiorella who, fascinated by various forms of art, starts studying music at 14 up until she earns a Clarinet Diploma at the Conservatory.

The synchronization of her hands -the outcome of perseverance, very strong planning and discipline as a musician- will reveal speed and precision in using brushes and moulding clay.

At 23, after attending the oldest ceramics workshops, she decides to open her own and soon she'll see her artistic talents, her creativity and her small company grow.

The desire for continuous innovation brings Italia Fiorella to an intense and meticulous research work. She studies shapes, the effects obtained by glazes and the creation of original and refined decorations.

The company is specialised - in addition to design and furnishing of indoor and outdoor spaces- in the production of traditional ceramics and tiles and in the creation of lava stone tables , kitchen worktops and bathroom countertops.

All majolica is entirely hand-made and hand-decorated according to ancient and traditional methods of processing.

Every year Italia Fiorella proposes a new collection of party favours (bonbonnières) and a wide choice of gift items.

Each furniture accessory can be personalised depending on customer's indications and tastes but above all, it is made with perfection and love.

The company creativity, experience and professionality are blended -even in details- in the whole Italia Fiorella's collection, thus creating a symphony of shapes and colours.

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